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Material Selection

Material Selection 

We will make the best material selection according to the characteristics of customers’ needs.

We will check the source and quality of materials for you.

We not only consider the customer’s new products development, including the product’s performance, life time, productivity and production efficiency, we will provide you with the most suitable material selection advice.

Material Characteristics

High Heat Resistance
Long life time,saving refueling time,no deformation
Can replace heat resistant resin, aluminum alloy, etc 

High Thermal Conductivity
The material has the property of being easy to conduct heat energy
Can replace stainless steel, heat resistant alloys, general ceramics

High Light Transmission
Adjustable material transmission characteristics through grain size
More stable than engineering plastics

High Rigidity
Can achieve better precision control, so that precision products can be achieved
Can replace high strength steel

High Hardness
Gives the material high wear resistance, long life and no atomization
It’s a new choice for hardened steel and general metal

High Withstand Voltage
Good current withstand characteristics as temperature increases
Can be used as an upgraded material for engineering plastics

Thermal Shock
No deformation under sudden cold and hot shock
Can replace aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel, general ceramics

Low Thermal Expansion
Low incremental size and volume after heating
Can replace aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel, etc.

High Corrosion Resistance
The material has high chemical resistance, rust resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance
Can be a new choice for metals

Material Selection Advice

A: Al2O3,AlN,Silicon Carbide composite,Wu,Mo, etc.

A: Zro2,Machinable ceramic,Quartz,Heat-resistant glass,etc

A: We offer superhard material options such as Al2O3,ZrO2,SiC,Si3N4,etc

A: Yes, aluminum oxide, easy-to-process ceramics, boron nitride and other insulation and high temperature resistance

A: Moybdenum, tungsten can meet expectations

A: Tungsten can replace many general metals to achieve expectations